Why Every Mom Should Consider Using Food Delivery Services


Why Every Mom Should Consider Food Delivery Services

“It aint enough hours in a day to do all I need to do!’ Have you ever heard a mommy say this? If you’re the one who said it to yourself or someone else then boy do I have some news to share with you! Let’s face it, grocery shopping is a weekly headache when you feel like time is not on your side.


Luckily for us and thanks to technology the answer to our prayers may have just arrived in the form of grocery and food delivery services like “Shipt“, and “Uber Eats.” I consider myself to be “old school” in a lot of ways, and grocery shopping for myself is no exception. But I’ll be the first to admit that these services have definitely caught my interest for a few different reasons.

Reason #1 We’re always last minute grocery shopping on holiday’s but we  loathe the long lines

Set yourself free girl…..go ahead and admit it was a miracle your holiday dinner came together. Well at least it was for me. That’s because all of us at one point have waited up until the very last second to get the items we need.  With Shipt you can have a personal shopper do all the dirty work for you without you ever having to leave the house. Imagine being able to focus on cleaning and preparing your house while your personal shopper updates you through text.

To learn more about Shipt or to sign up  click here ⇐

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Reason #2 We forget to make lunch for ourselves

So you’re at work and you realize you made lunch for everyone else except yourself but you’re way too exhausted to leave out. Sound familiar? Now normally in this case we end up eating some junk food from the store that we know good and well we don’t need to be eating. Or we end up eating food we didn’t really have a taste for by jumping in on someone else’s lunch order. So the new thing is having someone deliver your lunch to you from wherever you want through Uber Eats.  They say its really cheap, the drivers are quick, and communicate with you throughout the process as well.

To find restaurants who deliver in your area or to download the Uber Eats app click here⇐

Yeah that was me the other day doing my own grocery shopping. lol. The struggle is real Sis!

Reason #3 Because, I mean..why not???

Every mom needs to sit back and let someone do something for her every now and then just because. We rip and run on a daily basis and sometimes it’s a thankless job that we do. So lets take a deep breathe, call them up,  and tell them what we want! Don’t mind me girl sometimes I get real “churchy”. They may not come when you want them but I bet they better be right on time. So try these services and then come back and tell me what you thought about them.

Still curious about how Shipt delivery works? Click the link below for a short demo of the  App


Have you already tried a delivery service like the ones I mentioned above? Comment below and tell me how it went.



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