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Hello Mom and Welcome to  flyymom.com  blog where my goal is to give you all the tools you need to be the BEST MOM you could possibly be as I empower you to look and feel amazing while you’re at it! So whether you’re looking for the newest app to help make life simple, fitness motivation,  some encouragement on a day where you’ve had it up to here, or you’re a mommy in need of beauty and fashion tips to make you over,  you’re in the right place..go ahead and subscribe so you can get the help you’re looking for! Are you a first time mom who’ nervous, excited, and need to know how your life is about to change and how to maintain your sanity in the process? Well I’ve got your back. Sign up to receive email alerts to stay on top of all my blog post for you. Are you a single mom who needs a mommy friend who understands and can give you information that will help you find joy in parenting and motivate you to press forward into your God given destiny? Look no further!

I am Camillia Josey a mother of 2 amazing little boys, the founder of THE EXCLUSIVE MOM SOCIETY, the lead blogger for flyymom.com, and your new FIT FAB FIERCE FOREVER FRIEND! Most importantly I am a child of God who overcame my battle with depression after becoming a single mom. I never really could have imagined after all I’ve gone through I would be sharing my story and encouraging other mothers to know all things truly do work together for good to them that love God and are called according to His purpose! However, I’m here today and ready to serve you in any way the Lord allows. P.S I’m super goofy, I love to laugh more anything in the world, and I’m living my best life!

Side note: Before you go believing because you’re a mom that means it’s time to hang up your slay THEN take the kids to play lol…  just you wait, wait, wait a second before you trade those heels for house shoes and before you trade in the “slay life” for the ‘momlife”  subscribe so I can show you how you can do both at the same time!

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